Change is Coming

Knitted Silk Shawl (an original Tiffani Burnett-Velez creation)

Knitted Silk Shawl (an original Tiffani Burnett-Velez creation)

It’s super windy today where I live in the humid northeastern edge of America, and there’s more than just a dramatic shift in the spring weather – from cool and wet to hot and humid. Writing changes are coming for me as well. I have decided that I’m going to take, at least, the next few months off from writing fiction. I’m going to concentrate on a very specific writing project that will require travel (domestically and internationally), a heavy amount of research, and a deep dive into my family history. If you read my history and genealogy blog, That Was Then, a few years back, you got just a tiny taste of what my upcoming project will be.

I’m not quitting writing, but I am taking a summer haitus. Call me outdated, but I have been doing this writing thing since 1996, and it’s 2015 now, and I really can’t stand how some sellers have so readily embraced the lowdown practice of giving away or selling books for next to nothing at all. It’s a move that stands directly against the writer, and I don’t have the energy to keep up with this particular brand of dirty capitalism. I’m all for the free market, but I’m only for a few free books, like the Bible and the dictionary, maybe. I know there are a lot of writers who are happy with this idea, to share their work so daringly, and if that works for them, I’m happy for them. It doesn’t really work for me. Maybe that’s just because I’m not fond of the idea, but there it is. Publishing has changed a lot, even in the last decade, and I’m not completely comfortable with all the changes. And my grandmother always says, “You can’t really change the world, but you can change yourself.” So, here we go.

I’m going on 20 years of hard work, lots of experience, and a boatload of higher education. From Toccoa Falls College in Georgia to Harvard University in Massachusetts, I have been taught, challenged, and guided to write my heart, and this new project will be the first time I have really set out to do that. Yes, I have always written on subjects that intrigued me, moved me, or caused me to change in some way. But this project is one of pure love, very different. I’ll be showing you what I learned, which is going to be grand. I’m sure of it. If I’m going to talk to my friends and readers on Facebook about what I’m writing, I’m going to write what I love. My last year has taught me that I need a respite.

But, I do love people, and I do love history, and I do love my family, and my faith holds all that together, and that’s the beginning of a new conversation.

More to come, My Dear Readers. A new blog and a new website🙂 I will let you know where my work is going to show up next. If you want to stay connected, please indicate so in the comments below, send me an email, or message me on Facebook.

All This Time by Tiffani Burnett-Velez

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Death jumps off the page and chokes us right from the beginning. The end of a soldier’s life. And as we teeter on the edge of his grave, we’re instantly filled with so many questions. The unknown grabbing us, dragging us through each sentence, each paragraph, each page. A dark cloud of uncertainty looming above us, but tasty morsels of what’s to come keep us searching with Lydia. Searching for the answers. For the truth.

“She acknowledges Thomas only by bending down and scraping a handful of dirt into her hands, her fingernails filling with the cold moist earth and making them brown at the edges. And then she tosses it onto his coffin, where bits and pieces of torn grass and weeds have mixed with the tender soil and are sliding in a small pile down the sides of the domed casket.”

There are some stories which take time…

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The Yarn Vigil


I started this piece back in March, when my husband had emergency gallbladder surgery. It is my gift to him. I’ve made him several afghans over the years, but this one was my vigil for him, my waiting room prayer that he’d be restored to health soon. A lot of knitting and crocheting projects are like this. They take time and help you concentrate on working out the stitches, all the while, keeping the end product in mind.

It’s June, and I’m still knitting out the edges of March’s big yarn vigil. These free-flowing patterns are my favorite. They remind me of why I love to write, which is something I’ve enjoyed less and less recently. Some of that is my own fault, and some of that distaste comes from outside sources that I will always regret having let into the safe circle of my writing process.

Knitting reminds me that most creativity ebbs and flows, and sometimes, you have to lean on one art to charge the other.

So, while I’m working through this present ebbing, I will also move forward with the flow of this ribbed-knit-garter stitch – rib knit vigil until wholeness is finally reached.